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Home to some of East London's best known cowork hubs, Shoreditch is one of London's most in demand locations for coworking space thanks to its tech credentials and excellent transport links. Add the Shoreditch coworking spaces you like to the Quick Quotes form or call us now on 020 3053 3893.

Shoreditch office building on Appold Street offering hot desking facilities, ensuring space and resources are efficiently used. Also available to tenants are spacious lounge areas perfect for office breaks and rooms available specifically for meetings, whether with clients or employees. Amenities for this office space are comprehensive, including: excellent climate control systems for office temperature management and regulation, quality... More info

Appold Street - EC2A, Shoreditch

The office space available at this Shoreditch centre is ideal for small businesses looking for a premier location near Old Street station. Suites are fully furnished with eye-catching details. Collaborative coworking spaces are designed with open-plan layouts and accented with contemporary colours and fixtures. Offices are also equipped with modern conveniences including high-speed broadband connectivity.

Meeting spaces are... More info

Rivington Street - EC2A, Shoreditch

Designed by architects AHMM, interior spaces benefit from high ceilings and plenty of natural light. The result is a contemporary workspace that is functional yet attractive and inviting. Options range from two-person studios to private office spaces for up to 50 people. If you are looking for a desk in a welcoming and collaborative setting, there is also a coworking space.

Each space of this stylish property is designed with... More info

Old Street Yard - EC1Y, Old Street

Located in the heart of London's Old Street/Shoreditch area at 140 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A. This Victorian property has been masterfully converted into contemporary office accommodation where private office spaces and dedicated desks are available in 30 self-contained office suites of various sizes and layouts found over five floors.

Available furnished or unfurnished, these spaces accommodate businesses of different... More info

Tabernacle Street - EC2, Shoreditch

Coworking in Shoreditch | Shared Spaces & Desk Rental

Shoreditch is one of London's most in demand locations for coworking space with its tech credentials and excellent transport links, which include Liverpool Street, Angel and Old Street rail and tube stations. Home to some of East London's best known cowork hubs in and around the East London Tech City Silicon Roundabout (Old Street Roundabout), these well known shared workspaces, cowork hubs and incubators include Google Campus London and Soho Works Shoreditch in the Tea Building.

Shoreditch is at the heart of London's Tech City, a cluster of high-tech and creative companies that drive forward the digital economy in the United Kingdom. The area has seen massive growth in a very short period of time, going from 600 tech startups in 2011 to more than 2,000 in early 2018.

Shoreditch's culture of growth and innovation is backed by both private funding and government initiatives, as well as other factors, like quickly rising costs of traditional office space, which have caused some occupiers to look for alternative workspaces. All these elements have contributed to making Shoreditch a hotspot for the creative sector and therefore an ideally positioned neighbourhood for shared office space.

Who Chooses Shoreditch Coworking Space?

The companies using shared workspace in Shoreditch consist of a mix of small startups and large corporates involved in FinTech, InsurTech, games, and software development. The local coworking and shared office space market began to develop soon after the establishment of Shoreditch as a tech hub.

In 2011, Google leased a large building in Bonhill Street, parts of which were used as collaborative workspace right from the start, and following Google's steps, other tech companies and educational institutions partnered to create specialised office space. This is the case of IDEALondon, founded by Cisco, EDF Energy, and University College of London. These spaces are now firmly established and offer shared open plan office space, collaborative space, and access to specialised equipment in dedicated labs.

Where Can You Find Coworking Space in Shoreditch?

The most popular coworking spaces in Shoreditch include:

  • TechHub, known for its wide range of flexible membership options, which range from drop-ins to dedicated desks and private offices.
  • Large operators like WeWork.
  • Boutique spaces like MindSpace, Curtain Road, The Cube, or The Boutique Workplace Company.

Recently, niche coworking spaces have made an appearance in the Shoreditch flexible office market. 42 Acres defines itself as the first environmentally conscious shared workspace in the city, and aims to function as an incubator for companies involved in wellness and environmental issues.

Similarly, Shoreditch has recently welcome London's first female-only coworking hub, The Blooms, which follows in the steps of similar niche coworking spaces in New York and Seattle.

Accelerator and incubator spaces are also plentiful in the area, since Tech City alone is home to approximately 30 accelerators. Some of the most well-known spaces include Accelerator London, which offers both coworking and private office space to approximately 30 startups in areas like ICT, design, and e-learning; and The Trampery, one of Shoreditch's first incubator spaces, which offers open-plan shared workspace and dedicated desks as well as access to private meeting rooms and lounges.

Similar spaces include Emerge Education, in the northern side of Shoreditch and catering to EdTech startups; and Huckletree, an incubator that doubles as a coworking hub offering part-time memberships, hot desking and studio office solutions.

London Coworking Space | Shared Offices to Rent in Shoreditch

Shared workspace in London can be found in incubators for tech startups and entrepreneurs in other sectors, dedicated cowork hubs, and as an option in many serviced business centres. You'll find shared spaces in listed period properties, train stations, converted warehouses, industrial parks, modern office buildings and skyscrapers.

Recommended coworking spaces in London may offer one or several workspace options including day pass access, monthly membership packages, fixed desk space, private studio or shared workspaces for teams, and spaces that foster collaboration among different startups and small businesses.

These flexible spaces in Shoreditch give you the ability to work as you want for less in the heart of London, just a few minute's walk from all this great city has to offer. These Shoreditch coworking hubs also offer an extensive array of high spec facilities and amenities including high speed internet and WiFi, event space, bike storage, showers, 24/7 access and much more.

Choose the Shoreditch coworking spaces you like from the listings above and add them to your shortlist. When you've made your selection simply use the enquiry form to get in touch and we'll send you information about the building or workspace. You can also call us now on 020 3053 3893 for information and free advice about shared workspace in London.


Coworking Space

London's solid entrepreneurial spirit has driven the demand for flexible coworking office space as a practical and cost-effective alternative to conventional leases.

Flexible costs and contract lengths.
Wide range of options to choose from.
Modern high-spec office buildings.
Promotes collaboration & networking.
No initial capital or financial commitment required, and no exit or disposal costs.


Desk Rental

Along with global entrepreneurial hubs like San Francisco, New York, or Singapore, London is considered one of the best locations in terms of the hot desking options available in the city.

Fosters sharing and collaboration.
Encourages creativity.
Expands professional networks.
Provides staff with freedom and flexibility.
Hourly, daily, weekly or longer packages.
Cost effective.



London offers a diverse mix of office space for startups and freelancers, who can choose among co-working spaces, serviced offices, hot desks, accelerators, and incubators.

Access to first-class facilities.
Flexible contracts.
A wide variety of locations & specifications.
Environment created for startups.
Fosters growth, creativity, and collaboration.