Can You Spot the Odd One Out in 5 Seconds? – London Umbrella Brainteaser

london brainteaser at London Office Space


Can you spot the red umbrella in less than 5 seconds? There is only one red umbrella hidden within this sea of famous London icons – can you find it?

With the month of April forecast to bring a heatwave to the UK this year, we’ve created a fun April showers brainteaser to remind you all that the rain will be back again soon.

How long will it take you to find the red umbrella in this beautiful hand-drawn London city scene filled with pedestrians and iconic red buses?

The fastest person in our office got it in just 3 seconds! Others got distracted looking at the sky and found it within 10-12 seconds.

If you think you’ve already found it, take a glance at the solution image below and share with your friends to see if they can beat your time!

brainteaser solution at London Office Space

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