The Most Highly Paid Office Jobs in London

Careers in London - @officeinlondonClerical and desk-based jobs are a popular source of employment in London, although the type of roles available has evolved due to changes in the local and global economy. With the rise of the creative sector, many new and highly paid office jobs have appeared in London, and more specialised office jobs have been created in traditional sectors. Here’s an overview of the top 7 highest-paid office jobs in the nations capital.

1. Finance Officer

Finance officers are mainly responsible for budgeting, auditing, and defining financial policies at a corporate level. This role requires a detail-oriented and analytical personality, as well as an understanding of compliance and strong numerical abilities. This role is more common in large corporations and multinationals within banking, finance, insurance, consulting, but there are also opportunities in the public sector and in smaller companies.

Typical salary:

– Entry level: £30,000.
– City average: £50,000 (approximately 15% higher than the average salary for all other London-based jobs).
– Late career: up to £95,000.

2. Cloud Architect

Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growth fields in IT, since an increasing number of companies are moving their operations to the cloud. Some surveys suggest that up to 77% of businesses interviewed plan to adopt cloud computing within two years, so there are plenty of openings in this area.

Cloud specialists are in demand among cloud computing companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, or Adobe), but also in large and mid-size companies looking to incorporate in-house cloud architects. In fact, London has the UK’s highest number of cloud architect vacancies.

Typical salary:
– Entry level: £40,000.
– City average: £80,000.
– Late career: up to £115,000.

3. Stock & Securities Broker

Stock & securities brokers manage client portfolios and make investments on their behalf in a fast-paced office environment. This role requires being comfortable with numbers, quick thinking, and the ability to build strong relationships with clients. Most brokers work in stock exchange offices (which operate slightly outside the traditional 9-5 office schedule), but they can also work in banks and in specialised stockbroking companies.

Typical salary:
– Entry level: £30,000.
– City average: £40,000 going up to £70k with commissions and profit sharing.
– Late career: up to £150,000.

4. Software Engineering / Software Development

In the digital world we live in, new solutions are needed for everyday problems, which is why software engineers have been in high demand for several years. This role suits professionals with a focus on innovation and problem-solving. The highest paying software engineer jobs are in companies within the tech sector, but also in media, finance, and retail.

Typical salary:
– Entry level: £35,000.
– City average: £50,000.
– Late career: up to £70,000.

5. Ethical Hacking

Cybersecurity and data breaches are growing concern, so expertise in this field can open up a world of opportunities. Ethical hackers access computers and systems to find where they are vulnerable and come up with solutions. This role is in high demand in sectors like government, finance, and banking.

Typical salary:
– Entry level: £25,000.
– City average: £55,000.
– Late career: up to £100,000.

6. Marketing Director / Marketing Executive

Marketing directors manage budgets, liaise with sales and operations departments, and oversee the implementation of marketing campaigns. The role usually requires 5 years’ experience in marketing, and preferably in a specific industry sector. Vacancies are offered in a wide range of industries in both the public and private sectors, as well as in not-for-profit organisations. Marketing agencies or consulting firms are another option.

Typical salary:
– City average: £70,000.
– Late career: up to £100,000 and above, especially for professionals with a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

7. Risk Manager

Managing uncertainty is always a priority for businesses, so demand for risk managers is high, especially for those with skills like credit modelling or quantitative data analysis. Over the past 5 years, average wages for risk management professionals have grown by 25%. This role is common in companies involved in banking, insurance, and finance.

Typical salary:
– Entry level: £40,000.
– City average: £60,000 plus bonuses and profit sharing.
– Late career: up to £90,000.

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