Managed or Serviced? Office Space Terms Explained

You’ve got a great product, fantastic idea or provide an important service. Now you need office space or need to relocate your office to bigger, better premises. What are the different types of office space out there? And what would suit your business’s needs? Location is of course extremely important to businesses in the public eye, but there are also other things to consider including how much time you have. Do you want to just sign a contract and move right in without worrying about sorting out reception staff, communications systems or office cleaning.

Traditional Office Space
Traditional office space is usually let unfurnished and without additional services and facilities. Traditional offices are usually let on a longer term contract, generally for a minimum of three years.

Managed Office
Managed office space provides some of the same services and facilities as Serviced office space, but not all. Usually managed office space can be let on more flexible terms than traditional office space. It’s a happy medium between traditional and serviced office accommodation.

Serviced Office Space
The advantage of serviced office space is how easy it is. You can move in immediately, just sign that contract and hey presto, there you have your shiny new offices, with all services included and usually fully furnished and with the additional benefit of a staffed reception and security services.

Flexible Office
The name Flexible Offices gives the game away. If you’re looking for something flexible, sometimes from as little as a day or month, then this is right for you. Easy in/Easy out options give you the flexibility to rent office space on short notice and for a short amount of time, whatever your needs are.

Executive Office

Executive Office space has that extra touch of luxury, premium office accommodation for the high flying business. Executive Office Space still has all the benefits of serviced office space, but with a few more frills.

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