Your first day in the office – making a good impression

Many people rely on their first impressions in their overall opinion about you. Your first few days at a new job can considerably impact on how you are evaluated by your boss and co-workers in the future.

It is important to start off your job on the right foot and to make a good impression. It is often a good idea to spend some time before you begin your new job researching the corporate culture. Try and observe what the quid pro quo is and pay attention to the common company practises and attempt to adopt them as your own.

Take some mental preparation in the week before you start the job, make sure you have plenty of early nights and that you look after yourself so you are in good health for the start of your new position. On your first day, dress to impress, following the dress code explicitly; it is often better to overdress than to risk being judged to
“casual”. It is important to be as professional as possible in your clothing as this will show management that you are serious about who you are and what you want to accomplish.

Make sure that you arrive on time, get up early enough in the morning so that you have ample time to get ready and travel to the office. Before you go into the office, check your appearance, there’s nothing worse than realising at the end of the day that you have this morning’s breakfast stuck in your teeth.
Introduce yourself to the receptionist when you get to your new workplace; be friendly and polite because their impressions will inevitably get back to your boss and your new colleagues. When your new boss meets you have a firm handshake and an eye-contact smile.

Be sure that you act professional at all times, particularly in you first few days. Think about how you wish to be perceived by your colleagues and management and try to behave in a manner that reflects well upon you and your company. Consider the implications of your actions and attempt to ensure that you appear to be a hard worker that uses initiative.

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