Uncomfortable situations ignored by most workers

We all have received positive feedback from our colleagues about the change of our hairstyle or a nice pair of trendy shoes. But what about the embarrassing feedback, especially if both sides feel uncomfortable thinking about, let alone mentioning it?

CareerBuilder has carried out an interesting survey recently, trying to establish how brave office workers are at revealing unpleasant information, i.e. that someone has some food stuck in their teeth or that the colleague’s zipper is undone.

It turns out that we are more likely to comment on embarrassing situations if they involve people of the same or lower work level. For instance, half of office workers would inform the same level colleague if there was something in their nose, whilst only a third would be brave enough to tell a higher level colleague.

Only 11 per cent of respondents would ever tell a higher level co-worker that they needed a shower, the same percentage would comment on the inappropriate wardrobe, and only 13 per cent would tell their superior that their hair was a mess.

The survey involved 4,478 full time working respondents in the USA.

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