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When choosing how to decorate your office it is important to choose art and décor that speaks positively about the environment of the office and sends the right message to both employees and clients.

It can be difficult to choose the right colours, wall hangings or sculptures that not only fit in with the corporate culture but also adhere to a sense of professionalism and will help to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for clients. You and your employees also spend a large amount of time in the office so it should be an interesting and motivating place.

When decorating your office try to remember that the artwork a person sees can often influence their first impression and opinion about the business. In order to make positive impact, try to think carefully about what impression you want to create and find an image that helps to reinforce it. The best images should then be placed on a “visual wall”, i.e. the first wall a person sees when they enter a room.

Abstract paintings with colours that go with the offices’ general décor can be a good choice as they can give a clean and modern feel to your business. Soft colours can make people feel at ease and the colour scheme could be chosen with the employees in mind as well so that they too can benefit from the environment. Portraits of Picasso and Matisse can be used, but don’t be afraid to depart from the classic if you see something that you think will really work for your office.

You can also use mixed media to spruce up your office; in addition to portraits and paintings try chunky vases, felt pieces, ceramics and sculptures to create an appealing atmosphere. Mixing different types of artwork can add more interest to an office. Choose pieces that are derived from both your own personal taste and the overall feeling you wish to convey in the office.

Just be careful not to overcrowd your office with too much d̩cor Рyou want to make a statement without overwhelming clients.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to decorate your office; you could buy reproduction items or even rent art. If the pieces are rented you can then rotate them for new ones every now and again. This helps to vary the working environment.

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    Great art is powerful. The team at ARTIQ is united by the shared realisation of the power art can both embody and unleash. Our collective ambition is to harness this and use it to create a useful and tangible asset for our clients.

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