Office Feng Shui

The Chinese and millions of other people in the world believe that their lives are affected by natural forces. Feng Shui is an alternative way of positioning the items and furniture in your home, office or even on your desk that improves the harmony of the environment.

Fen Shui is used by individuals, businesses and retailers worldwide (even Donald Trump practises it) to attract and increase good relationships, well being and wealth.

The essence of Feng Shui is to use the natural positive energy (chi) that is present everywhere in order to enhance the surroundings. Those who have incorporated this practise into their lives claim to have increased prosperity, serenity and wealth.

According Feng Shui, there are certain elements that must be taken into account when arranging your office, such as colour, the positioning of furnishings, xuan kong flying star. Attention to these elements can help you to cure problem areas within your office and help to improve the harmony of chi in the room.

Tips to improve the Feng Shui in the office:

  • Clear the clutter, organise or throw out papers and files. Your desk should be open and free of unnecessary items so you won’t get distracted.
  • Maintain well organised filing systems as this will demonstrate respect for your business records as they represent the past, present and future of the business.
  • Proper, good quality furniture and décor will allow you to work in ergonomic comfort and improve your sense of stability and safety.
  • Beautiful items that catch the eye are said to attract chi, so decorate your office space so it can be pleasant and inviting.
  • Position your desk so that a wall is behind you and face the doorway. Symbolically, business enters through the door and therefore you should be in a position of “command” and not turn your back on it.
  • Have a leafy green plant on your desk that is well tended and healthy as this will bring the beauty and energy of life into your work area.
  • Have non-glare, comfortable lighting that will provide the right amount of calming light into your work area.

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