Skipping Breakfast Results in Lost Productivity

A recent survey shows that many office workers struggle through the working day without a decent breakfast. The estimated annual cost to the nation of merely skipping breakfast is estimated to have reached £8.1bn or 46.5m working days, in lost productivity.

According to the research commissioned by BaxterStorey, more than one in three office workers have poor breakfast habits: almost 17 percent skip breakfast Monday to Friday, while the same percentage has breakfast occasionally – once or twice a week. With 8% of respondents admitting they regularly skipped lunch, national productivity decreases further, as lunch is considered to be a necessary source of energy for the rest of the day.

The survey also found that one third of those who always skip breakfast, never snack. Almost 92 percent of employees have lunch, with 68 percent usually opting for sandwiches, but do not take enough fluids during the day. Furthermore, 78 percent of us regularly snack, but more than half tend to go after crisps and biscuits, which happen to be extremely low in nutritional value.

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