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Office Breakfast @officeinlondon‘Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper’ – a delicate balancing act of what quantities one should consume for the healthiest diet, this old saying has become somewhat turned on its head in recent years.

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day: it affects the rest of your day. Skipping this all important meal can lead to a host of irritations that will affect the entire day. Mood swings and gnawing hunger certainly won’t lead to a productive start to your day, and can make you snappish and difficult to get on with – something that is certainly not going to be helpful if there’s a big meeting coming up. After a full night’s sleep, the brain desperately needs to replenish its glucose stores, and so feasting on a scrumptious and healthy breakfast will extend your attention span as well as increasing productivity.

Of course, grabbing a bacon butty swimming in grease and butter – while being delicious and filling at the time – can be no better than eating nothing at all. Full of fat, calories and salt, breakfast meats such as bacon and sausage can sit in your stomach all day, making you feel bloated and uncomfortable. A balanced breakfast with slow-release foods and fruit can work wonders as a morning pick-me-up.

Luckily, in this age of instant messages, email and microwave-able ready meals, the hassle of cooking up a large, healthy and balanced breakfast can be dropped into another’s hands. Whether as part of the catering for a busy morning meeting or just to share with co-workers, there are many catering companies which offer a variety of readymade, delicious breakfast menus delivered to the office.

London’s office breakfast delivery businesses are booming, with companies such as Grazing, Franks Express, Kudos and Office Diner being only a sample few amongst dozens.

Grazing (found at offer a variety of breakfast delivery menus, suitable for both offices and other venues – ideal for morning meetings or just to share amongst your colleagues in the office. They are located at Design Museum on Butlers Wharf, where they have a cosy café as well as a catering service. Their menus are reasonably priced and consist of both traditional breakfast foods such as sausage, eggs and mushrooms or more ‘dainty’ breakfast items like a fruit salad pot, croissant, and smoked salmon bagels. Of course, if none of the set menus tickle your fancy, they have a host of individual items from mushroom omelettes to Danish pastries – pick and choose what you fancy to make up your own ideal breakfast menu.

Frank’s Express (found at is located in Hammersmith in London, and also offer a choice between set menus, platters or individual items. Having ordered breakfast by 3pm the previous day allows for next day delivery to your office. All menus are priced per person and the selection varies from hot baguettes to fresh fruit, ideal for a balanced, ‘go-get-‘em’ morning meal. They also offer a selection of assorted fruit, yoghurt topped with fruit compote/honey and granola as well as breakfast drinks, from orange juice to coffee and tea.

Office Diner (found at offer free office delivery for orders over £50 throughout central London and the City from their location on Poole Street. The tagline of their business is ‘restyling London’s appetite’ and with sweet, savoury and ‘booster’ breakfast menus, they certainly can do so. Their breakfast menus are deliciously balanced and fresh, available for delivery from 07:30 every morning. From Brioche bacon rolls to smoked salmon on rye and seasonal fresh fruit, they have a host of choices to suit every fancy.

Kudos (found at offers contract office delivery from their kitchen in Bishopsgate. Boasting breakfasts made from the freshest ingredients on the day of delivery, they require only 48 hours’ notice for any of their scrummy breakfast menus to arrive at your office door. From cinnamon buns and waffle bites to salmon and egg bagels, their breakfasts are light, nutritional, and filling – the ideal start to any day!

Finally, Beani Bar (found at have a free breakfast delivery service for offices in central London. Menus can be ordered online or over the phone, and require only a 24 hour notice for tasty and freshly prepared breakfast meals to be delivered to your door. Offering both breakfast buttys as well as more nutritional choices, they allow you to choose your favourite breakfast foods to start the day.

So, with so many breakfast delivery services on offer (and these five are but a small percentage of the companies scattered across London which cater to office workers), there is no further excuse to breakfast like a pauper – or not at all – rather than a king! Start the day with a tasty, healthy, nutritionally balanced meal and get the most out of your work day.

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