After Work Drinks

Yes, there is Life after Work.

It’s Friday, you’ve had a tough week at the office and just need to unwind and let your hair down. That merger/broken photocopier/temp girl wearing the same top as you have taken you to the edge of stress canyon, and it’s a long way down.

The question is, where shall we go? Not that dodgy old man pub, you’re trying to relax, not have the life sucked out of you and replaced with a woolly jumper (though actually, granddad jumpers may be back in, it’s hard to keep up).

There are plenty of light and airy bars around where you can have a civilized drink or three with your work mates. Some have happy hours, or more like “what did I do/who did I call” last night hours. Don’t worry about that, recriminations are for the morning after the night before. Just make sure your boss has a tipple or two more than you – it makes good career sense.

Some London bars we would recommend:

Alphabet Bar
61-63 Beak Street, Soho, LONDON, W1F 9FL
Tel. 08710751606

The Slug and Lettuce
80-82 Wardour Street, LONDON, W1V 3LF
Tel. 08713322385

1 Whitby Street, LONDON, E2 7DP
Tel. 08713326749

5 William IV Street, LONDON WC2N 4DW
Tel. 020 7036 0660

13-15 Eccleston Street, LONDON SW1W 9LX
Tel. 020 7730 6922

Portobello Star
171 Portobello Road, LONDON W11 2DY
Tel. 020 7229 8016

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