Office to Evening Wear at Superman Speed

We’ve all seen the movies, the uptight office worker removes her glasses, shakes her hair loose from its confining bun, and suddenly she’s the femme fatale. Who knew the wondrous beauty she had been concealing under those specs?

Unfortunately for most of us, that’s not how it works. If I shake my hair loose after a day at the office, I’m more likely to look like Medusa than Aphrodite. My make-up will be ruined, my clothes rumpled, but not in the romantic way.

That guy from accounting is coming to a work’s night out, and you’ve been hoping to let him see the ‘fun and sparkly’ side of you for months. Or ‘that photocopy girl/bovine’ who stole your man needs taking down a peg or two, not that you’re bitter, naturally.

With a few quick changes to your workwear, you can glam yourself up and be ready to impress.

First, it really does help to have a couple items under your desk at work, perhaps just a stylish top or a pair of killer heels, isn’t that what the space is for? Accessories, small pieces that jazz up what you’re wearing, some earrings, a necklace or bracelet, it all helps.

A quick dash to the ladies loo to apply a little bit more pretty, darker eyes, a slick of gloss and a splash of colour to your cheeks. A quick repair to your hair and your ready to save the world, or at least spin in a revolving door.

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