Getting the most out of your Office Space

Getting the most out of your Office Space


Office space can often be expensive and therefore restricted and so using what you have to its full potential can benefit both the office environment and work force. Studies have shown that a better organised and efficient office is conducive to improved productivity with more focus being provided to working towards achieving business goals! If you are struggling to decide where to start with getting the most out of your office space, here are some tips:

Office Set Up

If your floor space is limited, considering the way your office is arranged can make significant differences. Rather than having individual desks, consider arranging desks to make a ‘pod’ which has the benefit of saving space and can create a stimulating workforce. If you need to create private areas, try incorporating your office storage, such as filing cabinets, to create private areas. Avoiding unnecessary objects in the office allows for more useable space.

Office storage solutions

Storing files, paperwork etc within your office can often use up valuable space and so it is important to tackle storage solution effectively and as space efficiently as possible. Make sure you use full advantage of space off the floor – a double height cabinet rather than two side by side automatically cuts floor space in half. There are many companies producing ingenious storage designs such as wall to wall sliding shelving/cabinet units creating 75% more storage in the same space, clever folding units to maximize space and made to measure shelving and cupboard units.

Let go of unnecessary things

Many people are not good at throwing things away, instead holding on to everything, just in case they one day need it. The hardest part of organising your space is by getting rid of everything not essential to your job. There is no value in clogging up your office space with something you haven’t used for 6 months or a year. Be strong and ruthless.

Organise what is left

Now you have only what you need, invest in some desk storage such as stackable trays, stationary holders and under desk drawers. Keeping your essentials organised and your desk tidy will impact greatly on your working environment and approach to your work.

Keep on top of it

Once you have organised yourself and have your office layout in place, the next, and possibly harder, step is to now keep everything organised. Try to find / allow some time at the end of each day or week to make sure you don’t let your beautifully organised work space fall back into chaos. These things are much easier to manage if regularly addressed even with just 10 minutes at the end of each day spent putting things back where the live.

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