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Along with Shoreditch and Battersea Power Station, King's Cross is considered one of London's top tech hubs, a status that has contributed to the growth of the local coworking scene with shared workspaces in renovated Victorian buildings, Grade 1 properties and mixed-use buildings. Find your favourite or call us on 020 3053 3893.

The remarkable range of facilities offered by this Euston office building includes spacious lounge areas perfect for office breaks, shared space, and services and facilities to help create the perfect virtual office for you and your staff. Several amenities are included as standard, such as: individual climate control to ensure the internal office environment is the ideal temperature, easy access to the building for those with reduced... More info

Eversholt Street - NW1, Euston

The range of facilities on offer at this York Way office building in Angel include: fully equipped lounge areas suitable for office breaks, designated conference and meeting rooms, and shared space. Several amenities are included as standard, such as: climate control services to help create a comfortable environment for working, offices that are professionally furnished to create an excellent first impression and comfortable working... More info

York Way - N1, Angel

Pentonville Road, London is the location of this office building, offering facilities that include spacious lounge areas perfect for office breaks, rooms designated for meetings and conferencing, as well as virtual office services to help reduce costs and allow remote working. Amenities are excellent, and include the following: an on site gym for before or after work fitness sessions and an on site cafe for lunches or breaks. More info

Pentonville Road - N1, King’s Cross

The Stanley Building provides premium serviced office accommodation and business services at the gateway of the King's Cross development. Seven Pancras Square has approximately 30,000 square feet of floor space over five floors. Designed by Studio Downie Architects, this modern building was developed specifically for providing serviced accommodation in a range of sizes and office options.

The Stanley Building has been... More info

Pancras Square - N1C, King's Cross

The East Side King's Cross business centre houses private office spaces for entrepreneurs and businesses as well as a shared workspaces with event space, kitchen and dining facilities on each floor, and other shared amenities. Offices come furnished or unfurnished, giving you the flexibility to make your new workspace your own.

With capacities ranging from four to 18 people, bright meeting rooms with high ceilings and... More info

East Side - N1C, King's Cross

These trendy shared office spaces to rent at 17-19 Chalton Street, Kings Cross, London NW1 offer workstations for start-ups and small businesses in a collaborative work environment close to superb transport links and local amenities. Striking contemporary workspaces on the ground floor and basement are available with a flexible licence agreement, giving you greater freedom to adjust your space as your business needs change. The coworking... More info

Chalton Street - NW1, King's Cross

Coworking Space in King's Cross, London

King's Cross is often cited as an example of successful urban transformation, since the area went from having multiple derelict sites and a poor safety record to being one of the most in-demand commercial real estate locations within London's Zone 1, and particularly so for businesses involved in the knowledge economy.

Starting in mid 2000s, several revitalisation projects capitalised on King's Cross excellent location in central London and on its European connections via St Pancras station, turning it into a base for businesses of all sizes, including some of the world's top digital corporations, like Google and Facebook.

Over the years, sectors like technology, social enterprise, Internet of Things, and digital media have acquired growing importance in the local area, which has become a gateway for creative and cultural enterprises. Consequently, demand appeared for office space that met the specific needs of entrepreneurs and business owners involved in these sectors.

Nowadays, King's Cross is considered one of London's top tech hubs along with Shoreditch and Battersea Power Station, and that status has contributed to the growth of the local coworking scene. According to a 2018 survey, coworking space searches put Clerkenwell (to which King's Cross belongs) on par with The City. Another contributing element is the fact that King's Cross is a prime real estate area with high office rental rates above £80 / square foot, which aren't always accessible to small startups.

Moreover, market research shows that flexibility is one of the key requirements for tenants seeking office space in the Euston - King's Cross area, meaning that coworking is a feasible option for many. In fact, the popularity of flexible space model is such that some coworking spaces are full to capacity soon after being launched.

King's Cross Coworking Space : Availability & Costs

The main operators are chains like WeWork and The Office Group, along with a host of smaller service providers, such as Impact Hub, Ark Coworking, and Tileyard Studios. Some coworking hubs are located in renovated Victorian buildings or Grade 1 properties, whereas others are available in mixed-use buildings, such as the projects in the Camley Street area.

Two of the best known coworking spaces in King's Cross can be found in the King's Cross Station itself and at St Pancras Square. The King's Cross Station Building's East Side houses a flexible office centre which provides coworking options. Housed in the station this location gives you incredible access to transport connections throughout the UK. The Stanley Building at Seven Pancras Square offers a variety of private and office accommodation and meeting space on St Pancras Quare, the gateway to King's Cross.

Average costs start at £20 / day for unallocated desk space, and go up to £1,000 for small private offices in coworking venues. Flexibility is a key characteristic of the coworking model, and this is also reflected in prices and membership options. For example, some coworking hubs in King's Cross offer part-time or pay as you go memberships for under £90 / month to up to £250 depending on the number of hours required. Multi-day passes (3 or 5 days) are also available, ranging from £150 to £225. Monthly hot desk rates go from £300 / month to £500 / month, and dedicated desk space ranges from £550 to £650 / month.

Find Your Space in King's Cross, London

Whether you're looking for a King's Cross coworking hub, shared office space, a fixed desk or meeting space we can help you find what you need. We have London coworking space available in a wide variety properties and workplace environments from incubators to executive centres. Browse around or call us now on 020 3053 3893 and tell us what you need.


Coworking Space

London's solid entrepreneurial spirit has driven the demand for flexible coworking office space as a practical and cost-effective alternative to conventional leases.

Flexible costs and contract lengths.
Wide range of options to choose from.
Modern high-spec office buildings.
Promotes collaboration & networking.
No initial capital or financial commitment required, and no exit or disposal costs.


Desk Rental

Along with global entrepreneurial hubs like San Francisco, New York, or Singapore, London is considered one of the best locations in terms of the hot desking options available in the city.

Fosters sharing and collaboration.
Encourages creativity.
Expands professional networks.
Provides staff with freedom and flexibility.
Hourly, daily, weekly or longer packages.
Cost effective.



London offers a diverse mix of office space for startups and freelancers, who can choose among co-working spaces, serviced offices, hot desks, accelerators, and incubators.

Access to first-class facilities.
Flexible contracts.
A wide variety of locations & specifications.
Environment created for startups.
Fosters growth, creativity, and collaboration.