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Rental Costs & Considerations

North Central London (and in particular Camden Town) has one of the highest business density levels in the UK. Moreover, Camden has a higher-than-average number of start ups and a highly qualified workforce, meaning that competition can be stiff and staffing costs can be high for entrepreneurs planning to set a new business in the area. Nevertheless, the ongoing development of King's Cross has created numerous business opportunities that are far from over, as growth is this area is expected to continue until at least 2025.

King's Cross is being extensively redeveloped, and 67 acres of industrial wasteland are being turned into a cluster of mixed-use developments. Many retailers have already moved into the area following the release of approximately 500,000 square feet of floor space in new developments like Coal Drops Yard, Pancras Square, King's Boulevard, and the Arthouse. King's Cross is also an appealing location for businesses involved in the food and drinks industry, especially along Granary Square and in the adjacent commercial development known as Regent's Quarter.

Business owners looking for office space in North Central London have good chances of finding suitable premises in King's Cross too, where redevelopment plans have resulted in the addition of 3.4 million square feet of office space (both Grade A and refurbished). However, it must be noted that strong demand and limited availability are likely to push rental values higher in the medium term. More affordable business space is available in Islington, where flexible and co-working space has become a popular solution among local start-ups. Average prime rents for commercial space throughout North Central London range between £8 and £68 / square foot.

Business in North Central London

Traditionally, the business scene in North Central London has been dominated by the service sector. However, over the past few years there has been a gradual decrease in the number of services companies in this part of London, and this has eventually given way to the establishment of a solid TMT sector.

For instance, Islington is home to an important creative cluster, mostly consisting of micro-enterprises and small businesses engaged in software development, video and film production, and e-publishing. According to local council statistics, approximately 90 per cent of all creative businesses in the area employ fewer than 10 people. In Camden Town, this figure is down to 60 per cent.

In King's Cross, the occupier profile mainly consists of companies involved in media and ICT, with the most important companies based in the area being Google, The Guardian Media Group, Havas, Universal Music, Knight Frank, and Louis Vutton.

About North Central London

North Central London is one of the most vibrant and dynamic areas of the British capital. This area is one of the city's main transportation hubs, thanks to an extensive network of underground and rail services, including international train services and high-speed railway lines connecting St Pancras with Kent. The presence of tourist attractions like Camden Market, Regent's Park, and the British Library also contribute to the robust growth opportunities that characterise the local business scene in North Central London. This area is part of the Northern Fringe commercial property sub-market, where the key business locations are Camden Town, King's Cross, and Islington.

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Serviced Office Solutions

Serviced Offices

SMEs are the most common serviced office occupier. First-time business owners are also typical tenants, as a serviced office is perceived as a less risky option when compared to conventional office space.

All-inclusive pricing.
Short / flexible lease length.
Less capital expenditure.
Opportunities for networking.
No dilapidation costs.

Business space solutions

Business Centre/Park Space

Business centre and business park space is available in a number of forms including serviced offices, virtual offices, hot desks, and shared office space.

Better value than conventional space.
Creative allocation of space and high quality premises.
Lower financial risks.
No legal or commercial agent costs.

Hot Desking Solutions

Hot Desking

Along with global entrepreneurial hubs like San Francisco, New York, or Singapore, London is considered one of the best locations in terms of the hot desking options available in the city.

Fosters sharing and collaboration.
Encourages creativity.
Expands professional networks.
Provides staff with freedom and flexibility.
Hourly, daily, weekly or longer packages.
Cost effective.