A Third of SME’s in London Trade Solely Online

According to a recent survey one out of three small businesses in London are selling their products exclusively online.

Research undertaken by PeoplePerHour showed than thirty four percent of small businesses in London operate without a bricks-and-mortar presence on the High Street, and only trade via the internet. The survey showed that even the sixty one percent of small businesses who do have a physical store front presence still make half of their sales on the web.

Forty seven percent of SME’s currently do the majority of their business online, while the number of companies selling more than fifty percent of their services or products via the web has increased twenty seven percent.

The number of firms which sell more than half of their products or services online has increased by 27 per cent, with 47 per cent of SMEs now doing the majority of their business on the web. Many small businesses are attracted to online sales due to cost-effectiveness and the reach their online presence can provide.

London Sees Increase in Office Space Occupancy

Businesses are being advised to secure new offices as soon as possible to take advantage of current rental deals on offer. According to DTZ, office occupancy costs have fallen at some of the UK’s corporate business centres, in part due to the recession and the eurozone crisis. However, London is still one of the five most expensive places to rent office space in the world, along with Tokyo, Hong Kong, Zurich and Geneva.

Further good news for London office space providers is that in the second half of last year office space rental showed an increase from the previous six months. During the last three months of 2011, office space take-up in London reached three million square feet. Office space availability in London dropped by nine percent over 2011.

For further information and to read the full report please go to DTZ.

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Logistics Link South 2012 Event

Logistics Link South 2012 is a logistics industry event taking place on the twenty first and twenty second of February at Sandown Park, Esher. Logistic Link South 2012 will provide individuals and businesses with the opportunity to learn how to improve customer service, become more cost effective and boost productivity.

At the Logistics Link South event attendees will be able to share ideas and network in the Byers Networking Lounge, attend free technology seminars and meet with over one hundred companies providing the latest software, equipment, services and systems.

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Plans Afoot to keep Watford Metropolitan Station Open

Watford Borough councillors are planning on petitioning London Underground in the hopes of keeping Watford Metropolitan station open. Due to the Croxley Rail Link plans the Watford line would be redirected to Watford Junction, instead of Croxley Station.

Current plans would see Watford Met closing as a passenger station, however it would still be used as a train storage facility. Representative from the Watford area along with locals would like to see the station remain open hope to convince London Underground chiefs of the merits of keeping the station open for passengers.

Local councillor Peter Jeffree, has said that the Croxley Rail Link is going to greatly benefit the Watford area, however he did hope that residents and rail users would support the plan to keep Watford Met station open.

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London Transport MP Urges Flexi Time During 2012 Games

In order to limit the amount of commuters using the London transport network during the London 2012 Olympic Games, the Department for Transport has recommended that businesses allow employees flexible hours or remote working where possible.

Due to the  expected influx of tourists and visitors during the London 2012 Olympic Games London Underground and bus services are expected to be stretched to the limit, with overcrowding and delays.

Norman Baker MP, the minister for transport has said that although the transport system has been upgraded and an investment of 6.5 billion pounds has been made, this will not be enough to stop travel delays and issues.

Mr Baker recommended that businesses allow London based office employees work closer to home, use video conferencing facilities or work from home if possible to ease congestion on public transportation during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

London’s High Speed Rail Link

A second high speed rail link has been approved by the government, which will run from London to Birmingham. This news has been welcomed by industry leaders and is expected to create an estimated 20,000 new job opportunities, which will be a boost for the economy and promote further growth.

Old Oak Common is the proposed location of the interchange for the high speed rail link, along with new city quarter at Park Royal City, which is part of London’s regeneration project. It has been estimated that Old Oak Common would serve an additional 13,000 passengers per hour.

Further proposals include high speed links between Luton, Gatwick and Heathrow, which would further boost employment. It is also estimated that a further 10,000 much needed homes will be created.

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London’s Tech Clusters

The city of London has become the home of a new breed of Tech Clusters, with a number of major organisations along with small digital business startups establishing themselves. London is the largest hub for tech start-ups in the world, after California’s Silicon Valley.

Facebook, with offices in Covent Garden and Carnaby Street, Google, with offices in Victoria,  Apple, Nokia and Groupon are just some of the big names expanding business operations in London. Telefónica, owner of O2, has recently set up new offices in Regent Street in the heart of Central London.

Although demand for central London office space dropped by twenty seven percent in 2011, it has been reported that telecom and Information Technology companies doubled.

In addition to Old Street’s Silicon Roundabout, situated in the Shoreditch area of East London, tech clusters have also been established in Fitzrovia, South Bank, Covent Garden and Clerkenwell. More than one million square feet of office space was acquired by tech companies across London during 2010 and 2012.

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London Underground workers seek bonus payments during the 2012 Olympic Games

According to reports London Underground workers, including drivers, ticketing staff, engineers and station staff have requested bonus payments to work during the London 2012 Olympic Games, in addition to normal pay. Tube workers were offered a five hundred pound bonus for working during the games, however this has been turned down. RMT boss, Bob Crow, was in discussion with Peter Hendy, head of Transport for London, when the breakdown in talks occurred.

District Light Railway workers have been offered a deal worth £2,500 for working overtime during the London 2012 Olympic Games. RMT has stated that tube workers should be offered a similar deal for working during this period. Tube drivers have already been allocated an extra £1,200 for working during the Games. A large number of London Overground staff are also due to receive a £600 bonus.

Transport for London expects increased passenger volume during the London 2012 Olympic Games and commuters are advised to allow extra time for journeys during this period. London office workers are urged to find alternative routes into work and businesses, particularly in the East London and Stratford area where the Olympic Village is situated, have been advised to offer employees flexible work hours or the option to work from home.

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Office to Evening Wear at Superman Speed

We’ve all seen the movies, the uptight office worker removes her glasses, shakes her hair loose from its confining bun, and suddenly she’s the femme fatale. Who knew the wondrous beauty she had been concealing under those specs?

Unfortunately for most of us, that’s not how it works. If I shake my hair loose after a day at the office, I’m more likely to look like Medusa than Aphrodite. My make-up will be ruined, my clothes rumpled, but not in the romantic way.

That guy from accounting is coming to a work’s night out, and you’ve been hoping to let him see the ‘fun and sparkly’ side of you for months. Or ‘that photocopy girl/bovine’ who stole your man needs taking down a peg or two, not that you’re bitter, naturally.

With a few quick changes to your workwear, you can glam yourself up and be ready to impress.

First, it really does help to have a couple items under your desk at work, perhaps just a stylish top or a pair of killer heels, isn’t that what the space is for? Accessories, small pieces that jazz up what you’re wearing, some earrings, a necklace or bracelet, it all helps.

A quick dash to the ladies loo to apply a little bit more pretty, darker eyes, a slick of gloss and a splash of colour to your cheeks. A quick repair to your hair and your ready to save the world, or at least spin in a revolving door.

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Planning the Office Christmas Party in London

Yes, it’s getting to be that time of year again. You can’t walk past a shop without being blinded by flashing red noses and enough tinsel to carpet all of central London. Those old songs are being belted out at you wherever you turn, there are funny men dressed in red suits and you’re thinking, “Is it too early in the relationship to be having Christmas with the ‘out laws’?”.

It’s time to plan the office Christmas party. You don’t want to be banished forever for planning the worst one since the girl from reception was ill all over the boss’s new shoes. You want people to enjoy themselves, they deserve it after a year of surfing the net – I mean, hard work.

I think getting some input from staff is a good idea, what do they want to do? Would they like a themed event? Finger buffet? Party Bus? Whatever it is, it needs careful planning.

Get quotes from catering companies, ask for references and do follow them up. You don’t want to end up with soggy sausage rolls and iffy deviled eggs. Is it an employee only party or can people bring dates, partners, pets? Continue reading “Planning the Office Christmas Party in London”